Our club meets on the third Wednesday of odd-numbered months, and the executive meets on the third Wednesday of even numbered months.

Executive - 2017

President - Dick Holm
Vice President - Bob Van Wyk
Secretary - Phil Poulin
Treasurer - Bob Van Wyk
Aircraft Officers
172 - Dave Hewitt; Asst - Andre Brisson
J3 - Luc Poulin; Asst - Ian Moore
Safety Officer - Tim Stackhouse
Membership Officer - Mark Van Dyke
Building Officer - Ian Moore
Grounds Officer - Ian Moore
Activities Chairman - Mark Van Dyke
Garage Sale Chair - Dick Holm

The club organized a recurrency day in 2003.


Our bylaws are available in a document file, and can be downloaded here. If a pdf file is preferable, click here.

Membership and Application

If you're interested in having a look at the rules regarding membership, you can download them here.
There is also an application form that can be downloaded. Note that the application cannot be accepted online. First save it to your computer, and then print it.
All our pilots are requested to complete the membership application and return it with their annual dues.

Memebership Fees (as of Jan 31, 2017)

One-time Initiation Fee (if you wish to be an owner-member) - $500
Annual Dues (calendar year) - $250 plus tax = $282.50 (Note: Dues are not pro-rated)
Hourly rate to rent EFH (wet) - $110 plus tax = $124.30
Hourly rate to rent RJS (wet) - $80 plus tax = $90.40