Hangar Sale - 2018
Friday, August 10th (6 PM until 9 PM)
Saturday, August 11th (7AM-4PM)
Sunday, August 12th (8AM-12 noon)

Every year we hold a huge garage sale at the airport. Money raised from this sale, possibly the world's largest garage sale, makes it possible for our members to have the cheapest flying in Canada, and also to offer the public the opportunity to experience flight inexpensively.
Most of the items are left over from other garage sales.

Thank you to the people of the area who provide items for the sale, and those who come to enjoy the hunt for bargains.

During May, June, and July, we try to have someone available every Saturday to assist with deliveries. However, deliveries can be arranged at other times and throughout the year.

Members actually begin setting up the fencing, taking the planes out of the hangar, etc. on Tuesday. Tables are simply sheets of plywood set on barrels, and we begin emptying the trailers late Wednesday. By Friday evening we generally have most, if not all, of the items on display.

Note: While we do not save any left-over items, we do try to be environmentally responsible. Any items which can be used are given to organizations or individuals who ask for the leftovers. Vases often go the the hospital auxilliary, metal to an individual, electronics to recycling, and clothes to a "thrift store."
We are always looking for individuals or groups who are willing to gather up anything re-usable, such as books, dishes, stuffed toys, etc. If you or your group are willing to assist by taking any left-over items, we would be happy to donate them to you.

Garage Sale from the air
Garage Sale parking
Books and more books
Lots of furniture
Good - and not so good - furniture
Light up your life
Chairs, chairs, chairs
Outdoor space
Clothes, boots, and more
Tables of stuff
Cookware - plus
No room inside
Keep searching
Tv's and electronics
Still more
10 years ago - and still going

Updated Auygust, 2015.