C-GEFH is a 1975 Cessna 172M 
It is powered by an Avco Lycoming engine turning a McCauley prop.
However, the plane as pictured above has had a new paint scheme as of January, 2010. It is now mainly white with gray and maroon accent stripes (see our home page).

Special Features:
Long Range Tanks
- Please note this when considering weight and balance

Airspeed Indicator in MPH 
- In the interest of safety please refer to inner scale for Knots or refer to the conversion chart located in the aircraft

The interior of the plane. This is a view with the most recent upgrades. The original oil pressure and teperature gauges are inoperable, and have been replaced by the dual type of gauge to their right. The audio panel was installed in April of 2017

To do an interactive Weight and Balance on EFH in an XLS file, download EFH Weight and Balance.

As well, the club has recently purchased a J3. This is a two-seat plane with a tail-wheel rather than a nose wheel. C-FRJS is available to members who have at least 20 hours of tail-wheel experience. Luc Poulin is now the safety officer for this aircraft, but any member can fly it if accompanied by another member with at least 50 hours of tail-wheel experience.

Here is a picture of C-FRJS, which was purchased in March, 2012. It is a Piper Cub J3, originally with a 65 hp engine, but replaced by an 85 hp engine in 2014

To do an interactive Weight and Balance on RJS in an XLS file, download RJS Weight and Balance.